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DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas

Today, DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas is widely recognized by members of the Arkansas General Assembly as one of the top two lobbying firm in the state. DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas was founded back in 1996 by Bruce Hawkins. Under Hawkins vision for a lobbying firm built on communication, honesty, integrity and trust, DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas has attracted some of the top lobbyists in the industry today. This website will serve to provide more information on the people behind the most influential lobbying firm in Arkansas.

Bruce Hawkins, the founder of DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas, attended the University of Central Arkansas. Raised by a father who was the County Sheriff of Conway, Arkansas, Hawkins always had a great interest in politics. In high school, Hawkins served as the Student Council President.  He went on to serve on the Student Senate at University of Central Arkansas. Hawkins considered going on to law school, but he had a high school sweetheart back home, so he returned to Morrilton and opened Hawkins Insurance in 1979. With his wife Phyllis by his side, Hawkins Insurance grew into a full-service insurance agency. After realizing he preferred to deal with people as opposed to cars, trucks, and houses, Hawkins insurance sold the other parts of their business and focused solely on healthcare and life insurance. The business continues to help Arkansas residents with their healthcare and life insurance needs to this day.

In 1983, the incumbent representative of the Arkansas State Legislature decided he was going to run for senate. This left a house seat open without an incumbent. Having grown up in a political home and wanting to help fellow Arkansas residents in any way he could, Hawkins ran and was elected to the Arkansas House of Representatives in 1983. Serving for 12 years, Hawkins was a member of the Revenue and Taxation Committee, the Agriculture and Economic Development Committee, the Legislative Audit Committee, Legislative Council, and the House Rules Committee.

After a successful tenure spanning more than a decade, Hawkins decided to go back to focusing on  the insurance business and spending more time with his wife and son. The idea behind DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas wasn’t sparked until a friend called Bruce for a favor. The President of the Arkansas Athletic Trainers Association did not have a license and wanted to establish a licensure process. After helping them establish one in a legislative session, word got out that Hawkins was successful, and the phone started to ring. With that, DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas was born.

Bruce Hawkins loved lobbying right away because he always excelled at forming relationships and helping give a voice to those who otherwise wouldn’t have one during legislative sessions. Hawkins used his initials to come up with DBH Management. When a friend commented that DBH Management sounded like a construction company, Hawkins added consulting to the end and the rest was history.  Phyllis Hawkins took on a larger role with the insurance company as Bruce dedicated about 80 percent of his time to DBH. Today, in addition to her continued work for Hawkins Insurance, Phyllis is the Chief Compliance Officer for DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas. Her responsibilities include the management of DBH PACs and the receipt and distribution of funds from those PACs.

Camie Boggess became the second consultant under DBH Management Consultants in Arkansas in 2002. Boggess met Hawkins when she hired him to help the company she was working for with an issue. Camie thought her skillset may translate well to the lobbying industry and after a lunch meeting, Hawkins agreed. Today, he says that Camie is a much better lobbyist than he is. Camie Boggess then introduced Bruce to Lee Ann Dietz. Mrs. Dietz spent 20 years in the financial services industry at Acxiom Corporation in Conway, Arkansas, leading the client team for one of Acxiom’s largest clients. Today, she runs the day-to-day operations of DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas.

The most recent addition to DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas came in 2017 with the addition of former Arkansas Senator Michael Lamoreux. Lamoreux served as a house member and senator. He held the number one spot in the Senate when he was elected President Pro Tempore. Lamoreux then became the chief of staff for Governor Asa Hutchinson. Having been on the receiving end of lobbying for more than 14 years, Lamoreux has a unique perspective to offer the clients of DBH Management Consulting.

Many of the original clients of DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas are still clients today. All the company’s business come in the form of word of mouth and reputation. When a client works with DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas, they just don’t get one lobbyist. They get a united team who will put their combined skillsets to work for their client’s needs.

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