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The history of DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas is one of providing a voice to those who would otherwise go unheard. The group of experts who represent DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas are widely considered the best group of lobbyists in the state. They have a track record of gathering information quickly and efficiently to inform the clients they represent of the latest on goings in Arkansas. Their ability to quickly gather the most relevant information and process how it benefits or hurts the interests of their clients sets them apart from all competing lobbyists. DBH Management Consulting also puts a ton of emphasis on building lasting working relationships with the biggest decision makers in Arkansas state government. Relationship building is the foundation of the group and how the whole thing got started in 1995.

Bruce Hawkins had always had a strong interest in politics. This interest not only served him well when running for election during his school years, it again came into play when he decided to run for the Arkansas House of Representatives. While he was not always on the same side of the argument as his fellow representatives, he learned quickly that he enjoyed working with them and growing a mutual respect. One of the most rewarding parts of the job for Hawkins was serving on committees like the Revenue and Taxation Committee and the Agriculture and Economic Development Committee. These committees brought about the opportunity to collaborate for the common good. When 1995 came around, Hawkins had recently decided not to run for reelection. However, his track record of building relationships and forming connections led to friends reaching out to ask for his assistance as a lobbyist. It dawned on Bruce Hawkins that he could turn his favorite aspect of politics into a full-blown career.

Without even advertising, DBH Management Consulting started to gather customers as word spread that Hawkins was having success on behalf of his clients. Many of the clients who started with the organization in 1995 continue to utilize the services of Hawkins today. As the firm grew, DBH Management Consulting started to attract the top talent in the lobbying industry. All the members are in constant communication with one another and have learned how to leverage all of their collective strengths to the put their clients in the best position to succeed. Relationship building has always been the favorite aspect of lobbying for Hawkins and this has never been more important. With shorter term limits, DBH Management Consulting must be able to forge new bonds in quicker amounts of times. It is a challenge the entire organization embraces.

DBH Management Consulting

DBH Management Consulting in Arkansas Breaks Down The Qualities of a Great Lobbyist

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DBH Management Consulting is widely regarded as the most influential lobbying firm  in Arkansas.  The team behind DBH Management Consulting work every day to earn the trust of Arkansas politicians. They understand what it takes to become a lobbyist with influence that can positively impact the bottom lines of their clients. Today, DBH Management Consulting of Arkansas will breakdown some of the characteristics that a professional lobbyist must possess to be successful.  For starters, they must have a clear understanding of what a lobbyist is hired to do. It’s all about creating influence with politicians that can be utilized not only to push for the approval or decline of a bill, but also to gain the latest information quickly. The information a lobbyist provides to their clients can be invaluable.

It’s impossible to be a good lobbyist without a thorough understanding of all the state’s legislative processes and procedures. A lot of great lobbyists come from a background of working in politics themselves. This is not a requirement, but it does help when it comes to forming relationships as it provides a lobbyist with a level of credibility that is difficult to match for those coming from other professional backgrounds. DBH Management Consulting believes there’s one skillset that is a guaranteed requirement of being a professional lobbyist. This is the art of communication. DBH Management Consultants is made up of top-level business people who are also highly skilled conversationalists. Being a great communicator is not just about the gift of gab, it’s also about the gift of listening. Those who can reciprocate in their communication will have a leg up on other lobbyists in the industry.

Communication plays a big part in relationship building, which is the crux of the lobbying profession. Relationships must be strong enough to continue through disagreements. Not every piece of legislation is going to be influenced the way a lobbyist wants it to be. This is simply a part of the business. A lobbyist who is going to enjoy long-term success cannot hold grudges. It’s important to keep a relationship positive so that a lobbyist can get the politician to provide them with their full attention during their next conversation.

Finally, every lobbyist must do a lot of prep work. They need to do this work in order to examine how a piece of legislation is likely to impact not only their clients but also the people of Arkansas. It’s vital that the stakes of every piece of information are fully understood. However, all the prep work in the world is usually only worth it because it helps a lobbyist make split second decisions when the time comes. Sometimes, things move fast, and a great lobbyist must be quick on their feet.